Author name: Chris Dosser

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Close-up Of A Person's Hand Stamping With Approved Stamp On Document At Desk

This step by step guide will show you how to get solid job references that are likely to impress even the most discerning prospective employer.

A young woman chews her nails whilst a manager reads through her resume

Learn when you should (and definitely shouldn’t) admit that you are nervous during an interview, as well as how to overcome those nerves.

A portrait of a young woman trying on thick black rimmed glasses

Can adding glasses to your outfit make you look smarter and convince an interviewer that you’re the one for the job? Here’s are our rather bizarre findings.

An interviewer talks to a smiling job applicant at a circular table

Does enlisting the help of a recruiter boost your chances when searching for a job, or is going it alone equally as advantageous? Here’s the lowdown.

A CEO looking at their leather wrist watch

Sometimes an elevator pitch is all the time you have to make a good impression on the new boss. Here’s a few tips for how to impress your new CEO in seconds!

A suited worker crosses their fingers whilst hiding their hands behind their back

When completing a job application or updating your resume – how liberal can you be when describing your past employment before it counts against you?

Close up on a notepad being used to take notes during an interview

When, if ever, might it be good etiquette to take notes into an interview, and how can you avoid creating a bad impression? We summarise our findings here.

A point of view shot of a male office worker looking at their shirt, jean and brown laced shoes

Are black jeans too casual an item to wear to an interview? When making first impressions should you stick to the trusted shirt and trousers combination?

A close up of a bruised left eye

Is it a good idea to proceed with an interview if you have a black eye? Or will its presence count against your efforts to be hired? Our thoughts are here.

A hand grabbing a stack of 100 dollar bills in front of a pink background

How soon after accepting a new role is it acceptable to ask for a raise? Are there any circumstances where this might be a bad idea? Here are some tips.